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This sad bro 2 years ago
Bro this not acting
JJK 1 year ago
Wtf,This one is just scary
1 year ago
Yes my master does this to me all the time.... I’m used to it
Mil 3 years ago
Are they getting forced to do this
Anonymous 1 year ago
Well I hope they all got paid a ton of money to do all that...
1 year ago
Who the girl if the first video?
6 months ago
Y'all this isn't torture these are ACTORS they consented to this.
1 year ago
This is not BDSM, this is t.o.r.t.u.r.e
2 years ago
Pisser sur des gens c'est génial, surtout quand ils aiment ça, et encore plus si ils n'aiment pas ducon...
Bang 2 years ago
Ko je cura u kanalu imeee???