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Prince 3 years ago
Fuck your Couch nigga FUCK YOOUR COUCH
Prince VS Charlie Murphy 6 years ago
So this is what really happened to Charlie Murphy's couch huh? Damn.
Random 7 years ago
Wtf was that was that person peeing and farting at same stupid time!!!Like WTF!!!!
3 years ago
Surviving R. Kelly
jimboi 6 years ago
U are the bosslady . I'm your bitchboi.
HANK 8 years ago
Looks like she whipped her dick out and pissed on couch.
Terry 9 years ago
Fantastc piss dirty cunt piss all over it great pissing love to drink that piss from cunt
DAMN 6 years ago
It pisses like a racehorse
Jim 9 years ago
I have seen an escort to night and we both took a long piss overa couch Iit was fantastic we gave it a good soaking then we pissed over each other she was a dirty cunt her piss was hot and tasted nice I recomend pissing over a couch get a girll to piss over it if she needs a piss
BIGTED 1954 8 years ago
I wish I was that couch getting to receive her Golden Nectar sprayed over me.